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Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that uses living organisms, or part of living organisms, such as cells or molecules, to develop innovative products.

Can you imagine obtaining raw materials in a responsible manner, preserving ecosystems, and respecting local communities by using renewable sources, while allowing for creation of unique products and opportunities for development of sustainable solutions?

Tubos de Ensaio

Well, biotechnology has made it possible. Here at Apoena Biotech, it all starts with sustainable bioprospecting, a process used for harvesting microorganisms present on small samples of soil, seaweed, or fragments of other biomes for developing innovative and environmentally-sound biotechnology-derived solutions for uses in agriculture, personal care, nutrition, and health care, among other markets.


Once they are isolated and cultured, these microorganisms can be easily replicated on a large scale for production of compounds of interest, also allowing us to keep a constant supply thereof. 

We will need over four planets Earth by 2050 to meet people’s consumer habits and improper use of natural resources around the world.

We exist to promote sustainable development, and we believe collaborative models are a feasible way to drive biotechnology forward, allowing it to reach different markets, and offer sustainable, safe, and effective products at affordable prices.

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