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Bioprospecção em Fernando de Noronha

We started injuly 2022the activities ofsustainable bioprospecting by Apoena Biotech in Fernando de Noronha,archipelago representative of the Blue Amazon. This choice values and drives the development of Brazilian biotechnology from one of therichest ecosystems in the world,enabling the creation of exclusive sustainable products in preservation grade, opening new opportunities for the development of innovative solutions.

The request for authorization to collect biological material in Fernando de Noronha was granted viaSISBIO(Biodiversity Authorization and Information System), and approved by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).


Sustainable bioprospecting is one of the most responsible ways to find new microorganisms in nature. This branch of biotechnology gains even more prominence through the development of banks of microorganisms associated with biodiversity, based on compounds from a highly renewable and exclusive source. Biotechnological products have real potential to contribute to the New Economy, especially from Brazil, a country with the greatest biodiversity in the world and responsible for harboring more than 20% of all species on the planet. 

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